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Rock WILK: Blog

Adoptees and Foster care survivors

Posted on July 16, 2013
I believe that adoptees and people who have lived thru foster care are always chopping with a sickle, clearing the brush, trying to make an open path, pushing the overgrown and unnecessary out of the way, desperately searching for familiar, exploring and navigating with incessant anxiety, a pounding, throbbing question, relentless, tireless and step after step they keep moving and breathing and believing that one day, at some point, if they just keep looking, if they can keep their sleepless eyes open, if they stay on course, and if they can find the strength to remain open, someone is going to show them, somebody is going to be doing the exact same thing in the exact opposite direction, that they will be speeding toward one another, toward the exact same spot, like the final piece to the puzzle, and if that moment actually becomes a collision, when 2 stampeding bulls will finally meet head on, like stars creating an entirely new solar system and they will finally find rest, and resolve, and exhale, and stop, and walk, and stare, and shake, and arms all wrapped and grabbed and tears and know, that they can finally understand the simplest and most fundamental need, what's safe and what everything feels like, and that this is their HOME. THEIR home. That they're home.