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what does BROKE WIDE OPEN mean to me? What's it like?

Posted on June 30, 2012
For me, BROKE WIDE OPEN is like a symphony, an orchestral movement of stories that requires the same commitment and diligence that a great musician approaches a challenging piece of music with that takes years to REALLY learn, I'm always looking to MASTER this work, and that takes every day and all of my attention, it is the most intimate relationship and requires patience and willingness and sacrifice and joy and constant practice and eventually, it begins to sound like the philharmonic in Central Park on a hot August night, it begins to look like Picasso and Gaugin, like what lower Manhattan looks like at sunset looking from the Promenade in Brooklyn Heights, it begins to feel like Miles Davis playing 'Round Midnight, it becomes what you feel like after loving someone for a lifetime, thru good and bad and all the complexities of real love, that feeling you have knowing that nothing is forever, that none of this is promised, but RIGHT NOW, the ACCUMULATION of ALL of your days, THIS FEELING is why you are living. THIS is your life. BROKE WIDE OPEN is like that for me.