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Rock WILK: Blog

Where am I now?

Posted on January 19, 2013
RocktopSmaller photo RocktopSmaller.jpg Where am I? My seventh year of BROKE WIDE OPEN and I am at a crossroads. From the G train in Brooklyn to Riverside Park and a completed album and a performance piece called Ma'Plej and to Ft Greene Park and to Asbury Park, NJ and every open mic within a 200 mile radius from the Nuyorican to Loserslam to The Bowery to Bar 13 to the south Bronx and SoulSweet Sanctuary and Books in the Hood and Brooklyn and Queens and Urban Juke Joint and Camarradas and the continued evolution of my piece, just writing and writing and writing every day for well over 6 years and sharing that work with strangers on the street and in parks and then this work slowly morphing back into a play called BROKE WIDE OPEN, which means finding its way back to the G Train and then my first legitimate foray into the theater world at PS122 and The Undergroundzero Festival and a workshop at The Medicine Show and then back to the drawing board and off to the rest of the country to find myself and my work again, and kickstarter from Denver to Seattle to Oakland to Los Angeles to Chicago and then it's off to The Camden Fringe Festival and London and the riots and the streets and parks and the most magnificent experience and then it's a step up at a real regional theater, The Passage Theatre in Trenton, a beautiful short run, and then it's time to really run and so we are 500 NAMES and we raise the money and the energy and the inspiration and love and encouragement and we get there, 589 STRONG and we are there for over 3 months, an Off Broadway production in my beloved New York City and amazing reviews and then it's all over and so what do I do now and where do I go and what is going to happen to all of this energy, all of this work, all of this blood, sweat and pure love, what kind of contribution is BROKE WIDE OPEN going to make now and where and how, and I'm just sitting here, feeling a little lost, with nothing to do, or perhaps more to do than I have ever had to do in my life because now there is more at stake than before and I am feeling paralyzed and disenchanted just a little bit and kind of tired and beat up, but also with all of this anticipation and hope and faith, I still DO have that, this RESILIENCE that has gotten me here, but, at least for today, I just don't know what to do or where to go, and so I am just sitting here, being still, with my eyes closed, in the middle of my room in Brooklyn, about to move again, meaning my living space and my energetic space, and I am just breathing, and writing these words, and waiting just a few more day before I get up, and begin to step, one foot in front of another, and begin to run again. I just hope I'm running in the right direction. I know I have built something magnificent. I just hope I'm running in the right direction. I'm glad I accumulated all of those hugs at the theater over the past few months, they are my soul at the moment, true story.