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2 Days [CLICK HERE!!!]

July 31, 2007
music and lyrics by WILK
288, the number of tracks I saw after sitting in front of a microphone for 24 hours, only stopping to drink water and pee, I spent a full day and night recording a song called "2 DAYS" for my album, BROKE WIDE OPEN, it was the most visceral experience, a song about my life falling apart, about me being broken down, feeling more hurt than I had ever consciously experienced, really the BEGINNING of this album becoming a PLAY because that process of getting the music from my heart up thru my chest, squeezed thru my throat and out of my mouth into that microphone took every drop of my spirit, it almost killed me, and that may sound dramatic, like THEATER, but if you want to understand the workings of being an artist and going as deep as you can, you will understand that there is great cost to doing that, to be willing to go there, it can be a very scary place, but at the same time, the most provocative and NECESSARY place to allow yourself to live, as an artist, and so, I put up a click track in Logic Pro, recorded a quick drum track, added the bass, some simple ambient "room" effects, and then I hit "loop", RECORD, and I was off, standing in front of my Lawson L47MP microphone, I completed the lead vocal to the song in the first take, it was literally the first time I had ever sung that song other than while writing it on the subways, this was my first outward purge of this piece of music, and it just kept coming, after I finished that lead vocal, I began adding background vocal parts, counterpoint parts, I created a whole vocal orchestra of ME, layering each part 6 times in all kinds of interesting, different harmonies, unisons, octaves, all kinds of crazy shit was coming out of my mouth, I just did it "off the cuff", as each cycle came back around, it was the most ZEN experience you could imagine, and it just kept coming, I began creating these rhythmic hand clap parts, fast, gospel like parts, they accentuated the vocals in the EXACT places that I wanted to hit them, I was all 16th notes and 32nd notes, 8th note triplets and odd meters behind this strong backbeat and it went on and on and I would break occasionally to go to the bathroom, I believe that happened 3 times, I was unaware of anything that was going on around me, and by the time I had finished these hand claps, I looked down and there was blood [literally] and sweat on my palms, on my thighs, my chest, on the microphone, my hands were completely cut up from what was, literally, hours of this emotional, tribal like, clapping, my body completely soaked of sweat, and I cried, completely purged now, a birth complete, I sat back, and I laid down on the studio floor, my dog Stinson rested his head on my legs, and we both fell asleep, a day and night forever captured in a song, and so what is the significance of 288? That is the exact amount of tracks Logic Pro created, it's how many times the song cycled around during this recording process, I have talked about it a lot with some friends of mine, "YO, I was in there for 288 TRACKS!! The song is 5 minutes long, that makes 1440 minutes, divided by 60 minutes and it's 24 HOURS!!!!!" 288 tracks. 24 hours. That's what I feel when I listen to that song.
2 Days
[music and lyrics by WILK]

for 2 days
you ripped me apart
you hit me with a brick
you made me feel so sick

for 2 days
I felt like it was never gonna end
for 2 days, you threw it all away

[verse 1]

I can't see you
I won't hear you
I don't feel you anymore
'cause you told me to my face
you don't love me anymore

I don't need you
you don't want me
we're not trapped inside this cage
now I'm screaming to your face
I think it's time we walked away

over and over and over again
you would tell me
I'll never forget what you said
over and over and over again
it just kept going on
so relentless, we're dead


[verse 2]

so take a moment
and look closely
there's something you should see

you see changes
it's unfamiliar
well that's because you're losing me
is it empty and strange?
I know you've walked this road before
Just like your roommate
your old friend
I won't be them anymore

over and over and over again
you just kept taking shots
was just too much to bear
day into night and then the night into day
you let it all out
what did you think I would do?



you're feeling kinda lonely
I'm abrasive to you
you're pretty sure that's the reason why your friends don't call you
remember what you said?
you told me that you'd leave me

because I stood up
had the courage to speak
that's never gonna change
write it down
hear me
feel me
you can believe that


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