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The Chain [CLICK HERE!!]

July 31, 2007
music and lyrics by WILK
2 people meet and begin a journey, neither having any idea of where that journey might take them. As they travel together through the experiences of what becomes this "union", this "entity unto itself", the story unfolds. it builds up, it breaks down, it speeds by, it slows to a crawl, it's exciting and then it's boring as all hell, and all of a sudden, it's exciting again. The ride is fun, the ride is a pain in the ass, it means more to you than anything else in your life, or sometimes you just want to lose it, it's safe and secure, like the soft blanket that you brought your first puppy home in, but it's also feeling like shackles, you're holed up in solitary confinement, feeling like the walls are closing in on you, that your head is gonna get crushed by the ceiling getting closer and closer to pushing you down, all of a sudden freedom means you have to escape. Or you can't imagine living without this relationship. Everything you do becomes somehow related to this family that has been formed, for "better or for worse", it's you. You two. You too. Or you don't recognize yourself any longer, can't remember who you are in the deepest part of yourself, you're lost. And to think, at one time, for a short while, for a long while, on and off, this other person made you feel whole, for the first time in your life, you felt at "home" This is where you can finally fall asleep at night. One thing is for sure, life can be unpredictable, but you gotta live it, and part of the deal is all of the confusion, the passing or "fleeting" thoughts that can be so strong, they can change everything in an instant. Chain of events, Chain link fence, Shackled and Chained, the Unbroken Chain.
The Chain
The Chain
[music and lyrics by WILK]


You broke the chain
and now nothing remains
you broke the chain
and now it's over

[verse 1]

I loved you with every beat of my heart
I did the best I could
I gave my soul to you
I think you know it's true
that I would die for you
I would

But I can't forget what you said
you crossed the line for me
I can't believe it's you
but when I look into your eyes
I know


[verse 2]

I waited for you to come back to me
and tell me why you said
the things you did and how
you never meant for me
to feel the way I do
but not a word

and now it's too late
'cause I'm gone
you made it clear to me
your silence spoke so loud
just take a look into my eyes
it's real



it's something that I just don't really do alot
but I'll admit it
I prayed
that you would come to me
but I just can't wait anymore
and since I came to you
it doesn't mean a thing
so now I look into your eyes


© 2007 IamAPerson&SoRU Music [ASCAP]
All rights reserved