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Jane's Talking Union [CLICK HERE!!]

(WILK w/ special guest Jane Rollins)
July 31, 2007
music by WILK, lyrics by L. Hayes/M. Lampell/P. Seeger
Jane Rollins, showing her conviction and talent, with her friend, Pete Seeger's words. Her spirit and lust for life is a joy to be around. So many people's lives are better for having had the opportunity to be a part of her circle of friends, which is HUGE!
She has THE JOY!!! Must be a Rochambeau Avenue thing.....
well if you want better wages
let me tell you what to do
you gotta talk to the workers
in the shop with you
you gotta build you a union
you gotta make it strong
but if you all stick together guys
it won't be long
you'll get shorter hours
better working conditions
vacations with pay
take your kids to the seashore

published by Stormking Music
All Rights Reserved