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Stroke [CLICK HERE!]

July 30, 2007
music and lyrics by WILK
"the last one who you hurt has a hungry little girl, while you're learning how to eat, you can think about her"

Pronunciation: 'strOk
Function: noun

1- a sudden action or process producing an impact 2- an unexpected result 3- a sudden diminution or loss of consciousness, sensation, and voluntary motion caused by rupture or obstruction (as by a clot) of a blood vessel of the brain -- called also apoplexy, brain attack, cerebrovascular accident
4- the sound of a bell being struck ; also : the specific time indicated by or as if by such a sound

"For whom the bell tolls.."

Our innermost thoughts are just that, and sometimes they can make you really wonder about yourself. You may THINK you know who you are, but when push comes to shove, when you're faced with a situation that is "out of the ordinary" from your everyday life, you learn alot about yourself. I believe that, anyway. I REALLY believe that when we are feeling victimized, oppressed, feeling like we are experiencing injustice in a very personal way, well, you have to push back, otherwise you lose a part of yourself. Perhaps the most important part of yourself, your soul. So how would you feel if someone who you had to deal with everyday was invading your breathing space? Affecting your freedom? Destroying the environment that you called home? As a matter of fact, what if this person was infecting your entire community, with lies and manipulation for his personal gain? Like a vine, he’s just crawling slowly all over your existence until he’s completely taken over, destroying everything in his way. He’s running your house, so to speak. What would you do? Would you push back? Would you fight? Most people don't like confrontation, and they wind up feeling victimized. What if you DO act, and nobody supports you in your community, and then you are left out there all alone, even looked at as a "troublemaker"? Ostracized. How would you feel? You’re all alone now, and he thinks he shut you down. The truth is, the cost of standing up in some situations is huge. Especially when you stand alone, you can become a martyr, and risk losing everything, so you begin to feel defeated. Maybe it’s time to just move on, find a new home. You're at a crossroads.............
Ah, but life can turn on a dime...... given all of this, how would you feel if you heard that this person had suffered a stroke? Was just struck down with something as tragic as that? Our humanity is tested every day, but sometimes when we are victimized, it's REALLY tested..... How would you feel? What do you believe in? What's in your heart? Life is complicated sometimes.
[music and lyrics by WILK]

[verse 1]
I’m feeling kinda guilty, I feel filthy
But that’s the first thing that came to my mind
When I heard what happened, the other night
I felt that god kinda struck you down
It may be crazy or maybe not too far-fetched
I’m not sure how I feel about things like that
But when you think about, think about it, break it down
I think the same thing might have crossed your mind

I imagine that you’re having trouble talking
It’ll be a while before you walk again
So now you have some time to think about yourself
Instead of doggin’ someone else

[verse 2]
Don’t tell nobody that I told you, is how you started
Everything that you said to me or anybody who would listen
Your door’s open, to all the lies that your conceive
You don’t care who you take down, break down, shake down
Anyone who comes around
The last one who you hurt has a hungry little girl
While you’re learning how to eat you can think about her.

Oh when the saints, come marching in
I hope and pray
they show the way
to help you overcome
And get back on your feet
To be a better man
To have a second chance

© 2007 IAmAPerson&SoRU Music [ASCAP]
All rights reserved