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(Rock WILK)
February 18, 2009
music and lyrics by Rock WILK
who am I
i'm gonna try to be as clear as i can be
let me try to explain this to you
let's start at the beginning of my history

1-a woman works for a man
they're 25 years separated

2-first glance
bulls eye chest pass
basketball bounces
piercing head to heart
in both directions
back and forth
pounding inside of intimate, reticent
belief systems,

3-they each swell
Volcanic efflorescence
Palpate reminiscence
is one of those moments

4-whet, converging,
barnacle glued
instant stuck on you
about to make some new
I don't care, I love you
Be the place I've been looking for
For my entire life

5-a few things..
he already has a wife and 3 kids
she, on the other hand
never had anyone other than herself
but still

6-from such different places
clearly this was fate
and with this devastatingly brilliant collision
they each found themselves
bound choiceless

7-love is a mothafucker

8--fast forward, 30 full moons
this has been pure, divine love
with no judgement
organically germinating
exponentially sprouting
they tended to this bountiful,
munificent garden


9-shit happens
And as luck would have it
immaculate conception
and I ain't talkin' 'bout the mary/jesus kind

10-his fish had waited long enough
dove inside her pool again
head first,
with intention
and olympic champion swims down her egg
and now
11- pregnant with remnant beginnings
their blood bound
turning two into one

12-she snaps protective

13-and living in tight quarters,
in her secluded mind
as she always has
afraid of this unplanned moment
she couldn't deal
so she simply disappeared
total, immediate, immutable eclipse

14-he never knew
he never saw either one of them again

and so
15- as a tree grows in Brooklyn
a seed embarks in The Bronx
planted inside of this dissipated, marred vessel
containing some remote and complex
yet fertile soil

her soul alone and without memories
just broken beginnings
of communal existence

she had never been held on to
her safety was always an exit
and so when this term is replete

16-she releases this readied, vulnerable suckling
as if a baby were just a consequence

17-and the world, one day new to me
was my oyster
I was my own little man

18-who's gonna change my name
or maybe it'll stay the same
if nobody comes to my rescue
and so

19- 3 fostered trips disconnected
name still the same
but the 4th time is a charm
taken from harms way
each time I had hope

new beginning
new beginning
new beginning
and then finally
at home

20-you were adopted
you are different
you are special
you were chosen

wearing these badges of honor
i am pierced all over
illuminated distinctive
Sign wearing dissimilar

not the same
who the fuck am I

22-I am incessant out loud echoes
of voices you bury as insignificant
I repeat them
I repeat them
As your anxiety

I am mirror melodies
of your sordid, squalid, closeted
unforgotten images
living with old songs that remind you
of things you'd rather not think about
I can't stop singing

I am speak for the muted voices
who have been silenced by misguided lions
I will cut their hearts out
scream them righteous
and transplant restore them
to encourage and empower the speechless
to roar with them
to stand equal

I am struggle to know who I am
but always know what I'm about
I am singular, stand alone
I am your worry
I am your secrets
Your sealed book

I am your fear
you know I will always be here
I have no choice but to stay here
because I am just as I appear to be
and you know me

you are attracted by what you see
but you don't want to live with me
because I turn you inside out exposed
You are naked afraid

I am constant
24/7 relentless
I need you
I will never leave you
I am seeing eye dog loyal
I am fierce searching for my tribe

but I am related only
to a man who had dark glasses
burned into his eternity,

and a female escape artist