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You Are [click here]

(Rock WILK)
February 18, 2009
music and lyrics Rock WILK
You are.. cowgirl soft chocolate chip cookies, don't try them once because you'll have to buy them everytime you see them and have to eat the whole package and all 800 calories, lust
You are.. running as fast as I can just to ring the bell on the good humor ice cream truck when I'm 5 years old, exciting
You are.. teach me how to eat an avocado like an apple and now I do everyday even though people look at me like I'm fucking crazy strange
kind of like you are, affecting
You are.. salt breeze in my face on your home town beach walking along rocks going deep into this ocean can't believe how sexy you look, fine
You are.. freezing hot love walking along ocean grove sand, fighting gelid wind behind small wooden buildings, in secret
You are.. losing direction on Allair park trails and a stolen kiss
You are.. deep blue eyes eating sushi at whole foods after having to break into my running with the keys locked inside car
You are.. a questionnaire, writing my history, to correct the misdirection of me in a park near your childhood maze of searching for this very moment, your mother, who I never got to meet, walks her dog nearby
You are.. massive brained crazy, can only come from your point of view, thought provoking, my own mind growing as a result of simply knowing you, one of a kind never to be duplicated, different
You are.. to know you is to want only you, is to be blind to any one else who tries to take the space that you will forever inhabit in my cells, overwhelming
You are.. Juliet beauty off my balcony waving, on a cell phone with me after getting to love your insides, filling my insides
You are.. straddle holding me, inhaling my breath, caressing my tongue on a falling apart wicker chair
You are.. drink my love morning smoothie as you leave for a day that I wait for your return so we can lay down again and re-set
You are.. can't do anything because i can't wait to see you, so I just stand by the door waiting for you to kiss me for 10 minutes at 7:50am, because it makes the rest of my day make sense, crazy
You are.. poetry in both directions, shared trust of all encompassing emotions, understanding of the whole package, devouring the easy along with the demons, turning it all into perfection
You are the most beautiful girl in the world
You are.. this perfectly round, full ass
You are.. the walk that makes me stand still, disarmed and vulnerable.
You are.. voluptuous perfect breasted, want to caress them, wanna pinch your nipples, mesmerize me with the thought of your, sight of your, full pursed lips, everytime I look at them, everytime I think of them, everytime I get to feel them against mine
make me weak, ridiculous
You are the smartest person in the world
You are.. chocolate melting in my mouth after not tasting it for 8 months
You are.. my healer, needle-pinning me, speaking pinyin to go steady as you fix me and remove all the warts, even every time they grow back
You are.. my inspiration, my seeds flower from a simple touch of your hand, laying side by side in bed, going subconscious, I'm more awake than I've ever been, sleeping with you, my final resting place
You are.. hairpins spread across my memory, making me reminiscent of you giving yourself to me, loosening the grip, releasing your most private memories, living with my token forever around my neck
You are.. my lust, fucking my blood that rushes to you, penetrates your gushing need to bang my drum rhythmically, slowly, as many times as humanly possible
You are.. stay home all day and fuck me 3 times, would be more times, but real time is finite, we gotta get some work done
You are.. infinite connect, started before birth, never ending, my only permanent tattoo a perfect circle
You are.. peppermint lotion all over my skin and penetrating your vagina where I want to live for as long as I have life, and beyond
You are.. dreams of making love with you for a full 9 months, while you carry new life created by our truth, to complete us, and to continue this, tears of clarity of finally being free
You are.. love at first sight, search over, longing shorted out, finally home
You are.. rub my lips with your fingers while counting freckles on my chiseled cheekbone that cuts into your sternum, breaks off your rib for me to have what can replace my lost beginnings, you allow access so our hearts can rub up against one another for all of eternity, love
You are.. tell me what i was thinking before i could even tell you, love
You are.. speak strip me naked at where we found each other over a tuna salad that I didn't even really want, love

You are.. mystery layered controlled by your own imprinted memories, hardened
You are.. the orchid on your shoulder, purple tattoo art ambivalent history, having
You are.. make a decision never go back, strong
You are.. can't remember yesterday today is the greatest day of my life, able
You are.. my only true love
and I miss you