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July 31, 2007
music and lyrics by WILK
I wrote this poem about my Grandmother, Estelle Wiederhorn. When I walked into her hospital room the day before she passed away, I thought, “wow, she’s really a beautiful woman”. I appreciate the way time affects all of us, maps our lives right on our faces. Like natural tattoos, scars and assorted marks of each of our individual experiences, stamped right into and onto our skin. You can see it in our eyes, when you look at our hands, you can see that we go thru a lot in our lifetime. Our elders are wells of vast knowledge, just sitting there for everyone to drink from. Nobody tells better stories than those who have been on this earth for a long time, and young people who have that type of insight are always thought to be “old souls”. I’m drawn to people who have time written all over their face. Makes me wonder, at what point did we make “showing your age” a bad thing? Why would you hide the fact that you’re part of the club that possesses such great knowledge, wisdom and true experience? Not sure when that happened. Anyway, here’s my poem and a short “trailer” of the song, “Bye Bye”.


Lines on her face
Deep as her 87 years
As long as the trail she blazed
The map that has shown me where to go and what to do
For my entire life
Now her eyes have dropped down a little bit
Along the outside edges
And the bags collect tears
Of joy
And pain
Of her body
Of work
Stuffed and overflowing, stretching her supple skin
That flexed with every passing day
Of her full life
Ancient furrowed breasts pointing straight down
At the ground where her feet are firmly planted
Both feet
She looks tribal
Like a queen
Like she knows who she is
I’m alive with anticipation of every word
Receding hairline
Makes room for her massive brain
That has collected decades of knowledge
And stories that she told
With the grace that comes only with time
And age
Her most prized possession
Her body of work
I would hang on every last word
While being able to see the wisdom on her face
The map has no ending or beginning
Just a lot of direction
Full, rich circles
That make MY life make sense
The gifts of time
All over her face
All over her body
Smile at me even as she’s closing her eyes
That’s what I’ll remember
Never forget
Whenever I need her
Her story
Bye Bye
[music and lyrics by WILK]

[verse 1]
You wanna look 18 years old and stay that way
You feel so invisible everyday of your life
You used to be miss thing, the queen of everyone’s desire
You don’t like changes it feels so strange
You never quite looked at yourself that way

You watch MTV, The OC, it’s hard to feel good about me
You just don’t look anything like what you’re watching
You don’t feel a part, seems your life is stopping
What can you do to make yourself feel better?
Time won’t bring you down

You don’t like the way you look, just change it
You got a lotta money just go buy it
You don’t like what you did, do it over again
‘till there’s nothing left of you
Bye Bye old friend
You’re never coming back this way again
Bye Bye old friend
You’re never coming back again

[verse 2]
You’re not really fat, but you feel that way
Seems that you think about it every day of your life
You never thought you’d be like this, nobody pays attention
You don’t like changes, it feels so strange
You never quite looked at yourself this way

Look at all the girls on the real world
I’m talking ‘bout the TV show
It makes you feel bad, you know they don’t want you
Maybe just a little nip and tuck
Then you just might look like Michael Jackson
Time won’t take you down

You’re feelin’ kinda huge, like a big fat cow
You think that you’re ugly, and nobody cares
Get the bloody vacuum, don’t forget the Botox
Time won’t take you down

© 2007 IamAPerson&SoRU Music [ASCAP]
All rights reserved