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Johnny [CLICK HERE!]

July 31, 2007
music and lyrics by WILK
You think I’m crazy
A lot about me will quite amaze thee
Gimme the chance to show you what I can do
Don’t think of my line
As just a waste of existing lifetime
I follow,
at times I’m a step ahead of you
You made love
You were hoping for that boy or girl to be..
I bet you never dreamed of me

I may seem slow, but you never know
I’m “unpredictable”
You wanted me, changed your mind
You’re so “unpredictable”

Special Child?
spe•cial (spĕsh'əl)
1. Surpassing what is common or usual; exceptional: a special occasion; a special treat.
a. Distinct among others of a kind
3. Peculiar to a specific person or thing; particular
4. Regarded with particular affection and admiration: a special friend.
5. Additional; extra: a special holiday flight.
Definition: distinguished, distinctive; important in own way

Celebrate Diversity. Hug your kids.
[music and lyrics by WILK]

[verse 1]

You think you know what you're doing,
you think you know what you see
But you don't know what's inside
what's behind
just like door number 3
One thing I notice, he makes you uncomfortable
so much you gotta make this little box and keep him living inside

just like some kinda farm animal
a laboratory rat
let's see what happens if we test him up
let's get into that

you drug him, you bug him
you choke him, you poke him
you say that this is best for him
you act like you love him


what's wrong with Johnny?
he seems a little different
he doesn't really talk like you
he even has his own way of walking

what's wrong with Johnny
he seems a little different
although he kinda looks like you
Johnny has his own way of walking

[verse 2]

you waited and waited
with the greatest expectations
arrived how he wanted to
early, he surprised you
clear as the eye could see
nobody could disagree
[that] this was a beautiful, shiny
perfect little baby

slap him on the ass
he would scream as he's supposed to
and then he gave a blast of gas
he said, "I'm here at last"

you hug him, you squeeze him
you kiss him, you love him
you pass him all around the room
he's such a perfect little baby

take him home, he's your own
you always wanted a son
you prayed and prayed
and now you got one

everything was cool but one thing everybody noticed
that Johnny marched around
and he was hearing his own song
and then there were the times
you would ask him a question
he didn't always answer in the usual way

You're screaming
he's crying
you shake him
you're taking everything away
that makes him special
seems like you hate him
can you blame him?



You call yourself a father
what the fuck were you thinking about?
I hope you think about him
every night when you try to sleep
late at night, all alone
what will you dream about?
Johnny made your head explode
and you sent him away
How could you?


© 2007 IamAPerson&SoRU Music [ASCAP]
All rights reserved